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What a day today… It had everything in it. I'm 25 today and it was a day to remember. It all started when I got the first call to wish me a happy B'Day when I was about to goto sleep last night though the clock said its 00:15 which means its the 18th. When I woke up in the morning few SMS messages started flowing. When I was checking my mailbox the greeting cards started to flow as well. I feel really great that I have so many friends and really happy that all of them didn't forget to wish me.

The best part was the surprises I got at the office. I never expected that they will throw a party today. It was pure fun.. It was the first time ever that someone has surprised me on my birthday as I normally don't celebrate that much.

My relatives in Kandy too didn't forget to wish me specially my cousin sister who has always been there for me.

Posted on 18th March 2005 16:31:03