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A lot of hatricks has been taken in Oneday Cricket but Langveldt took a memorable hatrick that gave a thrilling one run victory for South Africa against West Indies in the 3rd Oneday International of the ongoing series..

West Indies required four runs to win from the last over to win the match. They were 7 down at that time. Langeveldt was called to bowl the last over and this is how it ended up.

49.1 Langeveldt to Bradshaw, one run, on the off, forward, slaps the drive square and over point, sweeper round to cut off

49.2 Langeveldt to Bravo, one run, full, clips to midwicket, runs, Prince fires in, Bravo almost gave up, but the throw is wide 6 men inside the circle

49.3 Langeveldt to Bradshaw, OUT: line and length, swings, misses, and the stumps are down

49.4 Langeveldt to Powell, OUT: straight, on line, has a full swing, and stumps are spread

49.5 Langeveldt to Collymore, OUT: full, inswing, into the pad, they all go up and a hattrick wins it for South AFrica

Jubilant South African team after Langeveldt hatrick

Posted on 12th May 2005 06:19:14