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Nazly Ahmed

Web Developer. PHP Addict. Wordpress Hacker. FOSS Enthusiast. (Micro)Blogger. Photo Hobbyist. Cricket Fanatic. Husband. Dad.

Personal Life & Career

My Name is Nazly Ahmed. Most of the IT/Web/Internet crowd know me as Nazly. I’m a Web Developer by profession who spends most of the time in front of a computer. PHP is my primary coding weapon and I’m more into LAMP development. Have a great interest in Free and Open Source Software. I have been a Web Developer for more than eight years. During the course I have developed Database driven Web Applications which includes Shopping Carts, Webmaster Control Panels, Content Management Systems, Billing Systems, Forums, Wikis etc.. I’m currently working for Dialog Axiata, a leading Telecommunications Company in Sri Lanka. Previously I have worked for few IT/Web Design companies and also have lectured part-time in the Web/Internet technologies. I always like to help the coders of the younger generation. So I do spend some time teaching and writing on blogs, forums, etc..

I’m 30 years old, married, living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Apart from work I enjoy spending my time with my wife, kid and my family and always give high priority to them over my work. Teaching others what I learn was always my primary objective and that has gained me lot of knowledge. Insha Allah I will continue this journey with the blessings of the Almighty and with the support of each an everyone of you.


PHP was in my blood I guess. Since the day I started using it I fell in love with this elegant language. I use MySQL as the database which is no surprise for a PHP developer. I have a fair knowledge in Administering Unix/Linux Servers and handling Apache Web Servers. Lately I have been playing around a lot with jQuery and fascinated by what it can do. I’m also very much familiar with customizing and configuring FOSS apps like WordPress and Drupal as well.

I made that extra effort to educate myself with SEO techniques which is a key ingredient in making a Website Search Engine friendly. Lately I have been aligning myself with the Social Media buzz word in order to build applications and tools that would reach out to millions of users in the Social Graph.

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