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After all the stressful working days on the shopping cart, the team Cenango was given the opporunity of having the weekend off for an adventure trip to Nuwara Eliya. We all left Colombo on the 18th of Friday around 19:00. When we reached Nuwara Eliya it was around 02:00 the next day. It was really cold when we reached there as we all started pulling out all our swetters to keep us warm. We then slept for about three hours and woke up for an early morning walk in the mist towards the nearby lake. Had a lot of fun along the way. After breakfast we visited a tea factory. One guy was guiding us through the process. All the team members were quite curious as they were like in a required gathering phase of a project. On our way back we bathed in freezing waters in a lake. We tried to swim but we rarely could as it was so freezing we couldn't stroke through.

In the evening played couple of cricket matches. The last match we played was so thrilling till the last ball. I missed out on batting as I got out for just five runs to a teasing fulltoss which ended up as a yorker. When I hit a thrashing cover drive for a boundary, I thought today will be my day. We were bit struggling after two overs in this five over match. But we ended up scoring 40 runs thanks to some hard hitting by Ajzal. He hit three sixes in his innings. In reply the oppositions started off well by hitting boundaries in the first couple of overs. Though Ajzal and myself made life bit tough for them by removing important wickets at regular intervals. I had to bowl the last over which required five runs for them to win the match. Though I got a wicket in the first ball, couple of miss fieldings and drop catches got them to score two runs off the last ball which they did by driving the ball in the air above the head of the long off fielder. Though they won this match we played at our level best and it was really thrilling at end.

In the night after having dinner we had a long walk around the town. It was really cool to walk in that time of the night as it was really cold as well.

Today morning we visited Horton Plains. We had to walk walk and keep on waking through the tough course to this hilltop called the World's End. We kept on questioning once in a while "R We There Yet?" to this place which seemed far far away. During the pathway we crossed this beatiful waterfall called the 'Bakers Falls'. We stopped there for a while to rest. The last bit was really tough as we had to go through the trees and bushes. After walking for about 2 hours we reached the World's End. It was a great sight to see from the top as the ground was thousands of feet below. There was no mist at all when we went there. The best part came when mist started rising up when we were on top. In few minutes it was totally covered and we couldn't see a thing. Then only we realized that they call it the World's End because when the mist is covered u really feel like u have reached the end of the world.

From there we returned at around 13:30 and took the longest shortcut to Colombo. We had loads of fun on this trip. It was a great trip to get relieved from the stress we had for the last couple of weeks. The hardpart is to realise that I have to goto work tomorrow [Wink]

Posted on 20th February 2005 17:51:04