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It was awesome to see all of the drivers and the creators of OpenSource at one place on the first day of FOSSSL 05 Conference. Michael Tiemann (President of OSI and Father of G++), David Axmark (Co Founder of MySQL), Martin Michlmayr (Former Debian Project Leader), Bruce Momjian (Lead contributer to PostgreSQL), Greg Stein (Chairman, Apache Software Foundation), Rasmus Lerdorf (Father of PHP), Sam Ruby (Member of Apache Board and Hacker Extraordinaire) and Sanjiva Weerawarana (Member of OSI Board and Apache Web Services Leader) were present at the Conference. Its a great opportunity to meet them all.

Today there were main talks by Michael Tiemann, Martin Michlmayr, Greg Stein, Sanjiva Weerawarana. Also short sessions were done by the guys @ LKLUG and LSF. Bud Siddhisena AKA Bud of LKLUG did a presentation on "Virtualization: The Future of Computing". Bud is the one who pushed me into PHP/MySQL around the year 2001 when I was messing around with a bunch of crap at the early stages of my career. Day2 of the conference will be tomorrow where my interesting topics will be spoken [Wink]

I made sure to pinch myself to check that I'm not really dreamin'. Yeah I'm still in Sri Lanka [LOL]

This is something that happens to most of us and happened to Rasmus too when he was Teaching Arthur C. Clarke PHP

Posted on 8th September 2005 17:17:59