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Today was the first day of the ApacheCon Asia 2006 which is the first ever ApacheCon in Asia. It was great to be part of the history and we all should be proud that Colombo, Sri Lanka was chosen to host this great event. ApacheCon Asia 2006 is the main event amongst few other events of FOSSSL'06. Ken Coar, the Director of Apache Foundation briefed about ASF in his Welcome Session. After the keynote address the sessions were broken down into two tracks. So I made sure that I listen to the sessions that I'm keen on listening to. Since there are more Java stuff it didn't really create any conflicts.

The first sessions was on AJAX and PHP by Christian Wenz. This was one of the key sessions I wanted to listen. The session covered in-depth of AJAX and how it works with very simple and basic JavaScript code. And he also spoke about the frameworks that are available. He showed couple of examples which used Sajax. Sajax is a very good toolkit IMO but I prefered libajax over Sajax. But libajax was not in his list. So bit surprised. This session was followed by Emmanuel Cecchet's session on Building Highly Available Web Applications which covered on how Sequoia can be used to build highly available multi-tier web applications. During Lunch got the opportunity to have talk with the geeks and hackers around. I did skip the session after lunch but was a part of the talk with Russ Nelson with his gadgets where Bud, the local gadget expert was also present. Rich Bowen's session of WebDAV was also something new for me and its something I gotta try it out after getting back to work (may be next week). The last session was Lightning Talks and I was keen to see whats gonna happen on that session. And it was really a cool session indeed where individuals were given 5 mins to present a 5mins talk on a topic they selected. It was a fun session all the way. It was a mixture of informative and fun talks. So that really ended the first day of Apache Con Asia 06 though there was a BOF session after that which I was not really interested in. So waiting till I get there tomorrow [Wink]

Posted on 15th August 2006 17:25:23