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So it was day two of the ApacheCon Asia 2006 or I would rather call it day three coz it started on the 14th with the hackathon. Day started off with the session by Dr.Sanjiva on the topic 'The World is Flat in Apache'. The sessions after that were broken down into two tracks where I took the Apache AXIS sessions. Samisa's session on 'Embedding Axis2/C in Your Application' had some basic examples how Axis2/C can be embedded into PHP. One of the sessions after lunch was replaced by Rich Bowen's 'mod_rewrite' session. I gained a lot in this session coz I have been used to play around with it sometime back.

The day ended with the panel discussion which was then followed with the award ceremony, cultural show, cocktail etc. And there is more tomorrow where Tutorial sessions will take place in four tracks. 'Introduction to the Apache Web Server' by Rich Bowen and 'Web Application Security Bootcamp' by Christian Wenz are my two obvious choices as most of them being Java based tutorials. Got some time to talk with Christian Wenz about his tutorial session tomorrow and he mentioned that it won't be language specific though his examples will be in PHP which is good news for me :D[BigGrin]

Posted on 16th August 2006 16:51:14