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Aussies won the Natwest Challenge to make sure that they stay ahead of the game before the start of the Ashes. England batting first were really struggling at 96-6 in the 28th Over. England got real use of the substitue change by sending off Jones and bringing Solanki in considering the situation. Pieterson paired with Solanki and put up a 93 run partnership. Pieterson hit few biggies and got out for 74. Solanki made real use of the situation by scoring 53*. England finally made 228 losing 7 wickets, a score far better considering the position that they were in.

But Aussies made sure that they get to that total with minimum effort. They reached the target in the 34.5 overs losing just one wicket. Gilchrist made 121 off 101 balls.

All of 'em are now counting the days for the Ashes series which will be totally a different ball game. The two teams which currently rank 1 and 2 at test level will have nothing to lose against each other.

Posted on 12th July 2005 18:23:39