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I installed Slackware lately and really learnt a lot in the process. Babysteps to the Linux World. The only distros I have tried before are Redhat's Linux versions and Fedora Core 4 lately. Other than Redhat I have used Knoppix and Ubuntu's LiveCD versions. This time I felt to make a move and prefered Slackware over Gentoo and Debian, some of the favourite distros here in Sri Lanka. Don't ask my why. Its a tryout. I'm not gonna have any comments on which distro is better.

My initial requirement was to get SAMBA running. Of course the server will be on a Windows Network environment. And after couple of reading over the Web I configured SAMBA and thats it, we have a file server running on Linux. Next target is to get CVS up.. Won't be that difficult I guess..

Posted on 11th March 2006 14:33:34