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I have been looking around for the highlights of Brendon McCullum’s hundred against Australia in the 2nd T20 match in the current ongoing series and have finally found it. When I watched the highlights of this match, I was stunned to see his shot selection against the Aussie pace attack. I was amazed by the number scoops he played over the keepers head against the likes of Shaun Tait who almost bowled the “fastest ball ever” in the recent series against Pakistan. The scoops came mostly in the latter part of McCullum’s innings and the two sixes he scored off the scoops after reaching the century were the best picks.

When Dilshan started to play the scoop against some of the best pacemen during the T20 World Cup, the cricketing world admired his ability and gave the scoop a name and that was the “Dil-scoop”. He stands his ground and makes sure that his head is down while playing the scoop to avoid being hit. He is the best in what he does.

The technique McCullum uses is quite different from Dilshan’s. He completely throws himself away from the line of the ball and plays the shot to make sure that he doesn’t get hit. Some may call this “not-Cricket” but lately we have been seeing a lot of innovative shots being played with the invasion of T20 cricket. Can we call this the McScoop?

McCullum was just the second batsman to score a century in a T20 international. While he was just one run short to beating Gayle’s highest score, he also missed out on scoring the fastest century. He had only faced a ball more than Gayle when he reached the century.

Enjoy the highlights of McCullum’s innings

Posted on 4th March 2010 14:38:17