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Atlast I got my home PC up & running after I upgraded the Processor. I have been using an Intel PIII 550 MHz Processor for more than 5 years and I came to a point where I really found it difficult to get the work done quickly. My initial plan was to upgrade the memomy from 256MB to 512MB. But since SDRAM is quite expensive I had to think long term. So I went for an Intel Celeron 2.5 GHz processor. Had to buy a Motherboard and a 512MB DDRAM along with it. The motherboard had inbuilt VGA+Sound+Network. I prefered my existing 64MB GeForce 2 card so I plugged that in.

Managed to install all the necessary software and it was a very slow process as I was bit away from home. Anyway got everything sorted out. I feel very comfortable now working at home [Wink]

Posted on 30th January 2006 15:21:24