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Colombo Night Races 2013

Colombo Night Races which happens during the midweek of December is a main attraction among the other events for Motorheads. The first CNR featured the Lamboghini Gallardo, Lotus Elise, Nissan 350z and the Porsche Carrera. That’s first time I saw a Lambo in the streets of Colombo. Last year in addition to the above we had the Aston Martin. Apart from the main event, the other racing categories featuring local talent also attract the crowd. Read More >>

Posted 4 years ago

Headlight restoration with toothpaste

This might sound like I’m trying to increase the sales of toothpaste or at least thats what I thought when I saw couple of posts that mentioned about using toothpaste to restore cloudy, foggy and yellowed headlights due to oxidation. In the market and all over the Internet you will find plenty of Headlight restoration KITs and even here in Colombo, you will find agents who will charge over $30 per headlight to get it restored. But if that can be achieved by something that we use on a day to day basis, why pay a thumping amount for it?


Posted 7 years ago

Colombo Traffic Updates via Twitter

Traffic. It’s one of the craziest things we come across more often than not in any given day. It can be due to peak hours, accidents, road blocks, rain, flood, fallen tree, cat crossing the road or what ever reason it may be, it will always be annoying as ever. Don’t we feel that we could have avoided the traffic if we knew the situation before hand. But its a problem that never gets solved. Coz you find random and awkward traffic every now and then.

The idea of using Twitter to share Traffic updates just spurred when @induNan posted this on Twitter:
“So.. Does anyone know? Is there a traffic update/alert #Twitter a/c or hashtag for Colombo or Srilanka??”.


Looking for a Nissan March K11?


I have been using a Nissan March K11 for little over a year now. It has been serving me quite well and its in very good condition at the moment. I always preferred a hatchback as it is very convenient when it comes to driving around in traffic and specially parking around Colombo. Due to an urgent need I’m planning to sell it.


Posted 8 years ago

Mighty Mini

For a long time I had this craze for cars and specially the Mini. I don't own a car though but my motorbike has fulfilled all my transport needs and really happy with that except the fact that I can take a bath when it heavily rains while riding [Wink]

While I was walking by with a friend of mine I spotted this Mini parked and quickly caught it using my phone cam. The Mini is in excellent condition by the looks of it. My friend and I were really keen and found the owner of the car and asked him whether he has any plans of selling it. He had a one word answer. "No" :D[BigGrin]

This gentlemen who was in front of a computer was really keen on giving us some information about the Mini. Also he shared some info related to their club. Their website URL is It was very interesting to talk with him. I have seen Minis go on road trips and I guess this is the only Mini club here in Sri Lanka. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hopefully sooner I can join this club. Of course I'm in the look out for a Mini, definitely not the New Mini [Wink]



Posted 10 years ago

Motor Show ’06

It was a fine display of cars, 4×4 and motor bikes at the Motor Show '06 organized by Sirasa TV and Ceylinco. The modified cars were some of the eye capturing stuff and Yamaha had some awesome bikes in display. Check these pics.

There were some nice pics taken by Anuradha and you can check his pics here. And more pics from Bud

Posted 12 years ago