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The eCarnival organized by the Computer Society of Sri Lanka was held over this weekend at the BMICH Exhibition Centre, Colombo. It didn't turn out at all from what I expected from an eCarnival. It was not informative as I expected it to be. I had a short visit on a couple of days just to check things out and was caught snooping around the Microsoft stall and was named an INTRUDER by Fiqri in his picture gallery. My buddy Charith and my Guru Fiqri were amongst the .NET User Group members who were running the show at the Microsft stall. Than the tech stuff what attracted the visitors more was the Fashion Shows and the Karaoke Competion which in my opinion have nothing to do with an eCarnival.

Myself, Charith and Fiqri at the eCarnival

Posted on 6th December 2005 08:45:07