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Colombo Night Races which happens during the midweek of December is a main attraction among the other events for Motorheads. The first CNR featured the Lamboghini Gallardo, Lotus Elise, Nissan 350z and the Porsche Carrera. That’s first time I saw a Lambo in the streets of Colombo. Last year in addition to the above we had the Aston Martin. Apart from the main event, the other racing categories featuring local talent also attract the crowd.

The main highlight of this year was the presence of the Redbull Racing Show Car, the RB7. It was a thrilling experience to see a Formula 1 car roar in the streets of Colombo driven by Daniel Ricciardo. Unlike the last two occassions, this time I was equipped with a Canon 60D and Media Pass which gave me the oportunity to take some good shots. Here you go!

Posted on 22nd December 2013 14:51:52