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It was awesome two days of absorbing FOSS at the 'foss-ed for hackers' Conference as I enjoyed each an every bit of it and learnt loads of stuff in the FOSS arena as it was highly technical this time. Highlight of the whole event was Prof.Lessig's keynote address. You could listen to him the all day. It was a great opportunity to listen to his speech. The rest of the sessions too were really interesting as I didn't miss even a single event. There were lot of talk about the licensing issues as it cleared lot of doubts that I had in my mind. Sessions on contributing to FOSS, CMS, Web Services and Kernel customization were some of the topics I was really keen on listening to. I have been digging deep into GNU/Linux in the past couple of months and learnt about customizing the kernel just last week. Sessions by Anuradha and Bud on the related subject was like adding icing to the cake. The surprise package of the event was the off schedule session on 'Social Engineering – the new attack vector' by Wipul Jayawickrama which was very interesting indeed. Overall I learnt a LOT. It will sure make a big impact in my career as the last foss-ed made me switch to using GNU/Linux on my desktop.

The most interesting part was that I met and got to know a whole bunch of people at foss-ed. I know the guys by their names as I'm in the LKLUG mailing list. I was really happy to get to know the ones behind the mask and quite a few bloggers as well. I have uploaded some pics to my flickr which I took with my phone but didn't turn out that well as I couldn't carry a digicam this time as well.

Posted on 23rd May 2006 17:35:10