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The website has been launched with the presence of Prof. Lawrence Lessig in the intention of promoting Creative Commons licensing amongst creative Sri Lankans.

Sri Lanka has an advanced Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime based on the Intellectual Property Act No. 36 of 2003. An element of IPR (i.e. Copyright protection) has traditionally been viewed as offering an incentive for the production of artistic, scientific, and other creative content, while permitting the public to access, use and innovate with such creative works. The Internet and other global information technologies have opened new opportunities for the creation, distribution, and use of creative content. To maximize the potential of and to promote such activity a unique licensing regime known as the Creative Commons License (See for details) has been established. Such a license, which is free and easy to obtain, would provide a unique regime for the protection as well as for the distribution of content over the Internet even from Sri Lanka . This license, which has a wide spectrum of options, would benefit young creators to publish their works world-wide and benefit from same.

Posted on 24th May 2006 17:47:19