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The Virtual Cricket Tournament which was scheduled to be played on 25th March 2004 was posponed due to a bug I had in the code that plays the entire tournament.

The code that plays the match was working fine which is popular as 'AutoCricket' has aged a bit as it lacks some features of a traditional cricket match. Most of the users were asking me about when will I start the tournament. Than the work load I was lazy to look into that code. But now I have started re-writing 'AutoCricket' so it won't be with the same name might be a another name which I haven't decided yet. I have planned to make the code more intelligent than the previous one to maintain the quality of the real cricket match. I will let you guys know once its ready.

Since ICC Champions Trophy is on the run at the moment I might not be hurrying with writing the code as I will be glued infront of the TV [Wink]

Posted on 13th September 2004 05:43:53