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Tsunamis hit Sri Lanka on the 26th December 2004 killing more than 28000 people. It affected all Sri Lankan hearts as for the last few days everyone were not at their best. Most of them were really busy in helping the survivors, collecting funds and providing aids. The nation was mourning for five days in respect of the people who lost their lives.

The affect was clearly displayed on the 31st night. In the past, when the clock strickes 00:00:00 fireworks and crackers will start rocking the nation. But yesterday it was the opposite. I didn't even hear a single cracker blowing up. The sight we saw was people lighting up oil lamps in respect of the people who lost their lives. Its was a pleasant sight to see that the entire nation has got together at this moment.

Year 2004 has left us a lot of happy and sad memories in our hearts.. Hopefully 2005 will bring peace and happiness to all of us.. Wish you a Happy New Year!!!

Posted on 1st January 2005 15:08:26