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After all the tragedy in SL, the year 2005 blossomed with leaving a lot of memories in our hearts of 2004. Day 1 of 2005 has been so far so good for me [Wink]

My friend Irshad Hussein Mubarak's nikkah(Islamic term for marriage) today at the mosque. Felt really great as a friend to see him getting into marriage life. My gosh didn't he have big grin on his face :D[BigGrin]

In the evening played couple of cricket matches and had a decent peformace with both bat and ball. Was maintaining a decent line and length while bowling. Felt great to bowl on a tight line.

Came home had a bath and switched on my machine.. Checked my emails.. To see I got a mail with a New Year Greeting Card from a good old friend of mine whom I have lost contacts with. The mail made my day and its great to realize the fact that I'm not forgetten.

Posted on 1st January 2005 16:11:38