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The day two of the FOSS-ed kicked off with Dr.Nimal Rathnayake of Peradeniya University giving us some piece of history of how FOSS was used on the server-side since 1990. He also covered on how operations have been automated within the universities in Sri Lanka using FOSS.

Suranga de Silva did a great presentation on FOSS Security and Tools and he spoke mainly about SE Linux, a security kernel module which was developed by the NSA.

There was also a session on Sahana, an OpenSource Disaster Management System.

Then it came to a very interesting session by Buddhika AKA Bud on FOSS Gadgematics. There is a wrong impression that FOSS doesn't support well with all the tiny fancy hardware thats available. Well he broke that for sure. He was actually running a FOSS application on a Sony PSP(huh??) to listen to an audio stream which was broadcasted by Icecast via WiFi.

The keynote by Brian Behlendorf was the highlight of the day as he spoke on 'The global adoption of FOSS'. It really helped me a great deal about getting the whole idea behind OpenSource. When he brought this rumour about Oracle is planning to buy Zend I was like [eek] and when the question came from the audience asking on how this will effect the OpenSource communiy and the answer was very obvious at the end and that is what OpenSource is all about. Its about Freedom. We always have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

I missed the panel discussion though I gained a lot through out the course of the two day conference. Tomorrow there are few workshops and I will keep you posted on those.

Posted on 14th February 2006 17:21:20