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Finally the issue I had to face with switching hosts came to an end after finding where it would have gone wrong. Our client who was using the services of a leading ISP in Sri Lanka wanted to move their hosting and mail services to a different Service Provider. The client purchased the hosting A/C and requested our company to do the necessity to get things running as they didn't have that much of an experience with the setup. And I was assigned to sort things out and as usual I did the setup of the hosting and the email. I told the client to change the nameservers of the domain and they did that as well. And then to the waiting stage. It took more than two days and still the services were not up. I then tried accessing it via an anonymous proxy and it worked. I told couple of my friends to check who were living in different parts of the world and it was working for them as well. So I realized that it has to do something with the ISP's DNS records. Since this ISP covers 75% or more of Sri Lanka I should say it doesn't work for Sri Lanka.

It all got to the messy stage coz I didn't get a good response from guy I spoke to at the ISP, though I explained him that they haven't removed the DNS records. I was under pressure by the client as they were pissed off thinking that the new hosting company is screwing things up. Atlast I found a guy who is known to my friend who helped me out in solving things out. Earlier they thought that the domain was blacklisted. But to see our client hasn't informed the ISP to disconnect the DNS services. So atlast after submitting all the paperwork the ISP took the necessary steps and all the services are now working fine to all users. It was one hell of a job..

Posted on 9th December 2005 09:43:51