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If you haven't seen much updates in my blog lately, its mainly because most of my updates are on Twitter. I kinda liked the idea about micro-blogging from the start because updates can be short and sweet + updated via Instant Messaging or SMS to Twitter. I wrote about my Twitter experience in one of my previous blog posts "What am I doing?". I think now it has got up to a point where there are very minimal blog posts in the recent times and everything else is on Twitter. The good thing about it is that there is a set of crowd on Twitter that follows me so that they get notified when I update. Apart from that the Facebook application for Twitter will update my Facebook status and the Twitter badge on my blog will show my latest tweets as well. The bad thing is that there is another set of crowd that want to see my blog being updated more often and not interested in my little tweets. This set of crowd is not the super-techie kind to spot the Twitter badge on the right-side column of my blog. My blog posts are more techie but in between there are posts about Cricket as well. So it can vary. There was a time my blog being categorized to Cricket but its my personal blog. So I really didn't care. I do try to keep it balanced but there is no define rule as such.

But then there are few other services I use on a day-to-day basis to share news, photos and articles on the Web. I use Flickr to share my photos. I Digg. I share news and articles on Google Reader. I share my bookmarks at and the list will surely grow. I already have the Twitter badge on the blog. I was displaying the Flickr photos but removed it for now coz the Flickr API was giving some problems. I surely can incorporate the rest of the services into my blog using the APIs, badges or feeds provided by them. In fact I was in the attempt to do that but have second thoughts and wonder whether it distract the main blog itself.

Now I have a problem. There are too many services I'm using. I need to syndicate all of them in one place. If you are one my friends in Facebook you could easily track all my updates coz I have added all the necessary applications for all the services I use. But then you need to be my friend. There is a bit of an urgency to get everything in one place. So I started working on building a Website for this purpose.

In the process I came across FriendFeed, a service that will grab all my updates from the services I use. You can check my FriendFeed page to get all the latest updates on all the services I use. So I guess I will settle with this for now. But it doesn't mean that I will stop the development on my Website. It will be up soon.

My current situation reminds me of a saying I found in an article that I read.

Are we nerds just making solutions to solve problems created by our own solutions?

I guess the answer is Yes based on the increasing number of Web 2.0 services. Any thoughts?

Posted on 3rd May 2008 10:58:53