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As days pass by we are getting closer to witness the Grand Final of the ICC World Cup 2007 which will be played on the 28th of April 2007 at Kensington Oval, Barbados. After my last post I managed to get quality pictures of Channel Eye using a booster. So I was able to capture most of the action from World Cup. Didn't really get a chance to make a post of the proceedings but now I feel the time has come as the Super 8 stage has almost come to an end. From sixteen teams, eight teams made their way through to the the Super 8 stage and now it has come down to four that will clash for the ultimate prize.

Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and South Africa have made their way through to the Semi Finals of ICC World Cup 2007 despite the fact that there are still few matches left in the Super 8 stage. South Africa qualified to the Semis when they thrashed England in their must win game yesterday. England had a great opportunity to go through to the Semis if they beat South Africa but their poor performance with the bat yesterday saw the end to their World Cup dreams. This back door opportunity was created by the fact that South Africa lost to Bangaladesh and New Zealand. England had tight games against Sri Lanka and Australia but they couldn't convert those to victories. End of the day what matters is the 2 points you gain by a victory. England missed that formula and thats the end of it.

Most probably if the table stays the same Australia will meet South Africa and Sri Lanka will meet New Zealand in the Semi Finals. Its tough to decide who will go though to the Finals judging by how the tournament has played. According to stats in this World Cup when these teams previously met Australia beat South Africa and Sri Lanka beat New Zealand. So theoretically we will see a Final played against Australia and Sri Lanka. When these two teams met in the Super 8 Australia were victorious. But these are just stats. In the middle, on that day the winner will be decided on how well they play against their opponent on given conditions. The toss can play a vital role as we have seen in the tournament where it has favored the team that won it. Australia have a physiological advantage being unbeaten in this tournament. And they haven't lost their last 20 ODIs in World Cups. Also they won the last couple of World Cups as well. Thats quite an achievement. I'm not an Australian fan but I do admire the way they play the game of Cricket. Sri Lanka, New Zealand and South Africa are well capable sides that can challenge the Aussies but in my opinion they gotta step hard if they are to win this World Cup.

Posted on 18th April 2007 13:00:33