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During the 90’s when One-Day cricket was at its peak different batsmen tried to be innovative to score runs with each an  every possible opportunity. The reverse sweep was one of them. While I cannot recall who really innovated this stroke, during the 90’s and early 2000 Damien Martyn, Jonty Rhodes and Andy Flower are few batsmen who come to my mind who mastered this stroke to score some quick runs. When Twenty20’s became popular in the late 2000, a few more innovative shots were tried by the batsmen. Kevin Pietersen’s switch hit became quite popular as a modified reverse sweep. Reverse sweeping Murali for a six using his switch hit during a Test match was the biggest moment for Pietersen. Couple sixes he smashed with his switch hit against Scott Styris in an ODI was the best I have seen him play that shot. But now the Irish-born Englishman, Eoin Morgan is mastering the art of reverse sweeping with his unique style of batting.

Morgan played this reverse sweep against Rampaul when England took on West Indies few days ago in the T20 World Cup. Look at this for a shot.

Digged more on this and found out this clip. A collection of Morgan’s reverse sweeps while playing for his county.. Will he be the king of reverse sweeps?

Posted on 6th May 2010 11:22:54