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Good thing that I'm not playing international cricket. Most fast bowlers have this aggression when they are bowling at their best. I was at my best today after a long time. I was hitting the deck hard maintaining a perfect line and length. Got couple of deliveries to hit the furniture behind the batsman. The best part came when I hit the stump when I picked up the ball on my bowling follow through and hit the wicket on the bowlers end to runout the striker who tried to sneak in a single. In the next over there was a simlar instance where the batsman tried to sneak a single but this time I hit the batsmans end to runout the non-striker. But then came the problem. Its a tough decision for the naked eye and would have definielty been a call for third umpire. I knew he was out. But the squareleg umpire thought otherwise. This is where the agression came into play. I kicked out the two stumps that were standing on the ground and started screaming.. THAT WAS OUT!!!

The sqareleg umpire admiited anyway that it was out.. and the game went on which my team lost anyway. As I said if it was International Cricket I would have been fined entire match fee and would have been banned for atleast two matches [Wink]

Posted on 16th January 2005 16:32:49