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The first day of FOSSSL 05 kicked off with the PHP5 Tutorial by Rasmus Lerdorf AKA the father of PHP. I was so excited to see him and was very quietly and keenly listening to his session he did on PHP5. He was going through all the new stuff in PHP5 and it was really great to get it out from the mouth of the creator him self :D[BigGrin]

The most interesting part was that he was sharing his own experience and explained the DO's and DONT's in PHP in his own view. Of course he is the creator. That was really important to me as I have this real worry at times when I write some new stuff in PHP. I tend to think whether my code is clean, efficient, is there any way to write this in a better way blah blah.. I post the code to Codewalkers forums and get the suggestions from the guys there. They help me a lot to do this task. Apart from that the PHP Manual has been simply the best around. Rasmus's session helped me realise what I should do and should not in PHP. He talked a lot about templating and caching. Caching is something I still havent got hold of. Today's tutorial opened the doors to the world of caching in PHP which will be key to my future developments.

Posted on 7th September 2005 16:31:27