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When I heard about Xgl, I desperately wanted to get a feel of it and then got to know about Kororaa from DistroWatch sometime back. Kororaa is a Live CD with Xgl. At that moment I felt this is the best way to get a feel of it and I download it right away but the iso was just lying there on my harddisk for all these time. Last week I was so desperate, I burnt a copy and booted with the Kororaa Live CD and it ran into X Windows without any issues. I have a nVidia GeForce2 video card. I was stunned for a second playing around it. When I showed my collegues they were like [eek]

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One thing I should add up.. These screenshots and videos will only give u an idea of what it can do. The live feeling is totally a different case. Why don't you try it out by downloading it from here.

Posted on 26th March 2006 15:24:56