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Today I realized that it has been a long time since I posted on my blog when my buddy Charith asked why I didn't post anything on my blog. What can I say? Things have been a bit on the slower side but I really can't give a valid reason. Too much work? Lazy to make a blog post? Nothing happening? might be the questions you might ask me but a mixture of these questions are actually the answers.

I was down with continuous migraine headaches last month. I consulted a neurologist whom I did consult when I had similar headaches couple of years back. So I was more on the recovery phase and things are better now. I did miss few weeks of playing cricket but after that I got back into playing mode. Then got injured my leg while running between wickets. ahhh.. Too many things to worry about. I can walk but when I try to run I get the pain. Should look into it.

A lot has been happening around the Cricket world. Couldn't get my blog updated with Cricket updates. Specially when the Englishmen beat the Aussies to win the Commonwealth Bank Series. The World Cup is around the corner. Guess who will win?

Got a chance to go to Riverston this weekend with my colleagues. It was really fun but was raining and a lot of mist there on Sunday. So changed the plan a bit and went to Sigiriya. It was a good break after a while. Hopefully I will keep things posted [Wink]

Posted on 27th February 2007 17:17:47