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The day I decided to make a move towards an Android based device is so significant because the world was in tears for the loss of Steve Jobs. Though the events don’t co-relate, it took me a very long time to give up on my long lasting love towards Nokia / Symbian. I was disheartened to hear the news that Nokia would ship with Windows. Being a Nokia device fanatic, I expected that Nokia would ship with Android some day. When it was not the case, I had to make the move.

Though I was a secret admirer of Apple products, simply because of it’s solid hardware and design that you immediately fall in love over with, it was never affordable, and I never owned one.

In the case of Nokia, it has been the device most of the time for me and Symbian playing a 40% role. The last Nokia phone I had was an E71, which is a by far the best phone I had. The QWERTY keyboard on that phone is something I couldn’t give up on and I had serious doubts over movings towards a phone that had a touch / soft keyboard. I knew I had to move on coz I was the only one left out.

I chose Samsung Galaxy Ace, simply for its minimalistic design. And it probably had the best hardware in the price range I was looking for. It has a 800 MHz ARM 11 processor which is faster than the desktop PC I had 12 years before. I was under the impression that Ace ships with Android 2.2 but to my surprise, it came with Android 2.3.4 (Ginderbread) pre-loaded. When I cross checked with older versions, Gingerbread had some major improvements, specially related to Applications. It provides better insights of what is running in the background, CPU and Memory usage, and the ability to kill apps. The Ace has only 158MB of internal storage which I was told can be the real problem when it comes to managing installed apps. But Gingerbread seems to have solved the problem as most of the apps gets installed on the SD card. Shed some light as I didn’t dig much on this.

The only drawback I experienced so far in the Ace is the battery life. 3G / HSPA usage simply drains the battery to its knees and I hardly could use it for a day. To save on that you can cut down the Auto-Sync, but I rather use the quick shortcut in Ginderbread which allows me to Deactivate the Network Mode, which I do when I’m not using it. Using Wi-Fi seems to be the best, as it hardly kills the battery.

Being a GNU/Linux user for almost 6 years, this is rather a late move. I regret not doing this much earlier, but happy that I did it at least by now. It has something to do with my inability to adapt.

Still early stages, will keep posting my reviews as it comes along..

* Update [17th October 2011 14:50]

  • When under direct sunlight, the content on the screen is barely visible or readable.
  • The voice clarity is quit low even when the In-Call volume is set to the max.
Posted on 16th October 2011 08:14:47