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How many times we have heard when commentators say that the batsman is seeing the cricket ball like a football when a batsman is batting at his best and thrashing the ball all around the park. And how many of us have felt it. I just experienced it yesterday while playing and today too finding some form after a long time. Its a true fact, once you settle in and get the touch of it no matter where the bowler bowls them or how good the delivery is, you can hit it with confidence. But at the same time you will have bad days as well. You just feel you can't hit them, no matter how bad they bowl. Thats how cricket is. Its a matter of playing yourslef in a playing with confidence.

Its good as finiding some form gives a real confidence boost. I was able to bowl well even with the slight pain in my right ankle. I would have loved if I could expand my Cricket fever though with my love towards programming and with my lifestyle I just prefer to play Cricket just as a hobby [Wink]

Posted on 27th November 2005 15:34:40