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I wrote a basic class in PHP that will handle all the form processes.

This class can

1) Generate all types of elements of a form and assign default values to it. Almost all attributes of the elements can be set. (Hope I haven't missed any)

2) Validation function can be assigned to an element. Additional parameters can also be passed if required. I have written few common validations like checking to see if the element value is not empty, validating an email address etc.. Custom functions can be added if required.

3) After setting up all the elements you will be good to go. The class will handle all the process for you. The class will return the posted values if all validations were successful unless will return the custom errors.

Why don't you guys check on it and give me your feedback on it.

Click Here for more about easyFormProc v1.0

Posted on 15th August 2005 15:18:04