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Last year during my short visit to the down South of Sri Lanka, I took a photo of a random guy jumping off a cliff near the Galle Fort. I submitted this photo to Mashable’s “10 Risky Photos That Will Inspire and Terrify You” and it was short listed in “Our 15 Favorite Photos of the 2012 Mashable Photo Challenge“. Getting featured on was truly motivating for what I do as a hobby in my spare time. While I was browsing through some of my old backups I found a series of photos I haven’t selected to upload which tells more about the story behind this shot and ended up compiling this blog post.

The Big Picture

The Galle Fort is one of the main attractions to the tourists and locals alike who visit down South. I don’t visit Galle often, but according to my friends, the guy who jumps off the cliff has made a living out this risky maneuver by entertaining the people who visit this place. It may look like a dive to a pool but if you look closely at the photos, jumping into knee height deep water with rocks surrounding it, is no joke. He has mastered the art by knowing exactly where he has to jump, that one spot which is deep enough to survive. And this time there is a video crew amongst the tourists who are gonna shoot his jump, more reasons for him to show off… Let the photos do the talking..

Plan the Fall

Camera, Check

The Freefall
And here are my bursts of shots while he jumped off the cliff..

So next time when you visit Galle or planning to visit Sri Lanka, add Galle Fort to your list of places to check it out. Hope you can catch him in action. I sincerely wish he wouldn’t have to do this for a living but I assume he enjoys his job than being stuck in a cubicle all day..

Posted on 9th March 2013 08:52:07