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Due to the unavailability of proprietary drivers for my VGA card since Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron), I have been using Hardy as I couldn’t give up on working with dual screens. Though I tried upgrading when ever there was a new release, I had to revert back since neither proprietary driver nor out of the box support was available. As of late I was desperate for an upgrade and decided to work at least with a single screen and installed Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat). But to my amusement the dual screen support was available out of the box and with the help of Mili, I was able to set it up and I’m one happy fellow since yesterday.

The upgrade was somewhat smooth, I was expecting some minor glitches since there is a quite a big difference between both releases. I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 10.10 mounting my previous /home partition to restore my settings and data profiles. Unfortunately my emails and settings were missing on Mozilla Thunderbird.

While I browsed through the hidden folders .mozilla-thunderbird and .thunderbird existed on my /home partition. Bit of googling revealed that version 2 of Thunderbird used the .mozilla-thunderbird folder to store profile info while version 3 uses .thunderbird folder.

Getting the emails and setting back to Thunderbird is quite easy. Just followed these steps..

  • Close the running Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  • Take a back up of .mozilla-thunderbird folder, just in case if something goes wrong.
  • On the terminal run the following command
    thunderbird -profilemanager
  • Delete the default profile. (In the pop-up window I clicked Don’t Delete Files. Yet deleting the files won’t do any harm since this is a fresh installation.)
  • Click ‘Create Profile’ and give the new profile a name. eg: ‘default’.
  • The important part is to click “Choose Folder” and specify the path to the existing Email folder under .mozilla-thunderbird
  • Click Finish.
  • Click ‘Start Thunderbird’ and you will have all your emails and settings.

That’s it..!!

Posted on 1st March 2011 13:39:01