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Once a month there is this workshop that I have to conduct on Internet & Email. There will be about 15 students average per month. Most of these students haven't even seen a website which is a very ordinary thing in Sri Lanka. I feel so great about conducting these workshops coz I feel I'm doing the world of good to all those student as I'm leading them the way to the world of Internet. Its more of a public awareness thing rather than just a workshop.

I'm very much used to browsing on 512 KB/sec ADSL connection. But on the workshop I have to demonstrate them using a 56 KB/sec Dial-Up Connection. It reminds me the good old days. Where I used to wait till 22:00 to go online as after 22:00 it will be discount rate on phone calls. Also will be waiting long hours till the download completes. I still remember the day I got ADSL to my place. A 10MB file whick took more than 30 minutes to download on Dial-Up, took only 5 minutes to download on ADSL. Its so great to feel that we have all the latest technologies available specially when we are living in a small country like Sri Lanka.

Posted on 24th January 2005 16:07:02