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Here is the deal. We all have heard about Google Search, News, Maps, Video etc. But have you ever heard about Google Games. Well its the first time I came across it. Philipp Lenssen has written a book on 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Well there is a PDF version which can be downloaded and free to share as well.

You probably use Google everyday, but do you know… the Google Snake Game? Googledromes? Memecodes? Googlesport? The Google Calculator? Googlepark and Google Weddings? Google hacking, fighting and rhyming? In this book, you'll find Google-related games, cartoons, oddities, tips, stories and everything else that's fun. Reading it, you won't be the same searcher as before!

-From the author of Google Blogoscoped

I downloaded the PDF version and went through most of it and I found it really really interesting. One thing to note is that its not just fun but its very informative and there is a huge learning curve as well. Using Google services specially the Search experience won't be same after going through this book. It can be a great tool for teachers to teach their students how to Search, in a fun way.

Posted on 16th May 2007 15:56:15