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The last day of Foss-ed was a day for Hands on Workshops. The day started off with Chamindra and Arunan doing a great presentation on running windows applications on GNU/Linux using QEMU, Wine and CrossOver Office etc… Most prefer using a dual-boot system or running FOSS apps on Windows platform. Due to few of our favourite Windows applications we still gotta stick with Windows. Chamindra made it a point that the best practise is to run windows applications on the GNU/Linux rather than the other methods coz the other methods have a tendancy to drag us back again to the Windows platform after while. This has happened to me all the time. I'm trying to plan things out to follow this method coz I'm still stuck at running FOSS Apps on Windows OS due to few favourite Windows based Apps and hardware compatibilty issues. The time has come I guess.

Suchetha and Dr.Shahani Weerawarana did a tutorial session on OpenOffice while Wasantha did an excellent tutorial on Blender. Its great to know what these FOSS apps could do. Blender which is less than 7MB that could do almost all what we used to model/animate using 3DStudioMax. Even Reactor animations. I was stunned.

Dr.Nandalal Gunaratne and Rajkumar made a presentation on 'FOSS Content Management Systems and WIKIs', one of my favourite subjects. Dr. Nandalal demonstarted about the CMS using Plone built on Zope which has a high rating at CMS Watch for OpenSource CMS.

All and all the last three days has been very informative and have been FOSSed up. Thanks to all the organizers of this great event and expecting more in the future.

I didn't take a cam this time so couldn't take pics though Buddhika was very kind enough to share the photos he took. More photos here

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Posted on 15th February 2006 17:25:57