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GD Library is one of the coolest things on earth that I want to get my hands on, though I didn't get an opportunity to work really hard on it. I did some basic GD stuff to dynamically generate graphs for a website way back in the year 2002. But that was just elementary stuff.

Lately I started coding a web based image viewer and ended up with PHPThumbsUp v1.0. It simply reads the directory and list the folder under it. When you click on a folder it will display the images(JPEG, GIF and PNG) that it contains. The thumbnail images are resized on the fly using GD Libary. By resizing the images it will be loaded quickly as the capacity of the image will be reduced. I resized it with resampling so that it maintians the quality of the image. It has been good practise as I tested out few other things as well using GD Library.

One of the main reasons that I wrote a viewer that reads a directory rather than reading a database because most of the webmasters prefer to upload the images to the server in a bunch and look for a method to display them. They don't like to go through the pain of adding records to the database even by using a GUI interface.

Click Here for a DEMO of PHPThumbsUp v1.0.

Posted on 7th June 2005 16:56:17