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This might sound like I’m trying to increase the sales of toothpaste or at least thats what I thought when I saw couple of posts that mentioned about using toothpaste to restore cloudy, foggy and yellowed headlights due to oxidation. In the market and all over the Internet you will find plenty of Headlight restoration KITs and even here in Colombo, you will find agents who will charge over $30 per headlight to get it restored. But if that can be achieved by something that we use on a day to day basis, why pay a thumping amount for it?

First when I heard about it, I thought its a joke, seriously. But I had nothing to lose and just gave it a try. My car headlights were not in a very bad state, but was yellowish and foggy to the naked eye. So I took some left over toothpaste and gave it a try. I was caught with immediate surprise when I saw the difference. I would admit that the difference is not as much as you would get from a restoration KIT or by an agent, but it’s significant enough to spot a difference. The cost factor is definitely the winner here..

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of manufacturers offering such products to combat this prevalent problem. Although seemingly expensive at generally $20 to $50 USD per product, do-it-yourself headlight restoration in the long run can effectively save consumers hundreds of dollars over replacement of damaged plastic headlight covers. A cheaper alternative is plain white toothpaste. It works just as well albeit it takes more elbow grease.
Plastic headlight restoration from Wikipedia

Posted on 17th February 2011 15:05:20