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The November Meetup of Refresh Colombo is happening tomorrow at 5.30pm. I have been out of Refresh during the last couple of months, but back at it again. I can’t seem to get out of it. If you are into Information Technology and New Media, Refresh Colombo is where you meet like minded individuals to exchange ideas and knowledge.

Topics listed for tomorrow are pretty interesting. You can check out the event page for the topics.  Wela, Lee and Shehan are presenting on their expert areas.

If you are new to Refresh, we have been organizing the meetup since 2010 throughout, every month. Recorded videos of the previous talks are available on our YouTube channel. It’s free and open to everyone. We encourage you to bring along a friend or two, you can even bring your grandma. Don’t miss it. Looking forward to meet you all.

Posted on 21st November 2012 12:45:55