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Oh boy. I never thought in the past that teams would pass 400 in an ODI match. During the early 90's even reaching 300 was a bigtask. Sri Lankans changed the face of the game during the 1996 World Cup which they won. The mammoth total 398 which they scored against Kenya during the WorldCup 1996 remained the highest ODI total for 10 years where lot of teams came a lot closer during that period. England reaching 391-4 in 50 overs against Bangladesh and New Zealand reaching 397-5 in just 44 overs against Zimbabwe can be considered as the ones that got close.

Finally after 10 years the record was broken by the Aussies when they got 434-4 against South Africa. But the best part was this record was broken by the end of that match as South Africa won that match scoring 438-9 in the run chase. Without any argument this will go down as the best ever ODI in the histroy of the game.

And the Lankans have done it again. Against Netherlands they reached 443-9 in 50 overs. Sanath Jayasuriya the star during the England tour got 157 in just 104 balls. In reply Netherlands only could reach to 248.

We will see more fireworks in the future for sure in ODIs and I feel someday some team will get 500. In will be an interesting how teams approach to next year's World Cup.

Posted on 5th July 2006 07:08:18