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Brian Lara, the elegant left hander has passed Allan Border's career test runs and is now top in the list with 11187 runs averaging 54.04. Allan Border was the top run getter previously with 11174 averaging 50.56. Lara went passed Border during his 226 in the 2nd Test played currently against West Indies and Australia.

Lara had a poor form and was struggling to get amongst runs. He is such a player and has this habbit when the whole world feels that Lara has lost his form, he comes out with a bang. This innings of 226 is a good example. I remember last time when England had beaten West Indies 3-0 and had another test to win for a series whitewash. Lara was not a threat for England during the three Test matches they won. England were given real treatment on the fourth Test as Lara came up with a Bang scoring 400, the highest total in an innings in Tests and that Test ended in a draw.

Wonder how many records will be broken by Lara and he is such an elegant player to watch.

Lara on top of the world

Posted on 26th November 2005 15:17:33