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It came to the last day of the FOSSSL 05 where David Axmark did a tutorial on 'MySQL 5.0' and Greg Stein did a tutorial on 'Programming Google'. Both session helped me in a great deal. David introduced all those new features in MySQL 5.0 and gave a good overview of MySQL Cluster.

Greg who works for Google covered all the cool Google APIs and feeds that can be used in our applications. I had a chat with Greg after the session and discussed few things on the Google Search API and the Google Map API. I did some experiments with the Search API sometime back using PHP with NuSOAP. But that was a long time ago. Lately I have been playing around with the Map API, still more time has be put into that. The short discussion with Greg helped me a lot. He gave a short presentation on Google Earth and showed how KML can be used to store geographic features. I was really impressed with that. I did check with Google Earth within the couple of days it was released. But KML, I learnt about it today, thanks to Greg.

Posted on 10th September 2005 15:50:52