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I have been using a Nissan March K11 for little over a year now. It has been serving me quite well and its in very good condition at the moment. I always preferred a hatchback as it is very convenient when it comes to driving around in traffic and specially parking around Colombo. Due to an urgent need I’m planning to sell it.

I bought this car under Ijarah Islamic Leasing facility, I would prefer to transfer it to someone who is looking for a Nissan March K11 under the same Leasing Scheme rather than actually sell it. Preferably the person whom I will be transferring the lease should be a Muslim since this particular Leasing Scheme doesn’t involve Riba (charging of interest on loans).

Update (2010-02-18) : The person whom I will be transferring the lease to can be a non-Muslim but will be continuing the lease under Ijarah Islamic Leasing facility. Hope this helps since I got few calls asking whether this is possible. Sorry for the confusion due to lack of communication.

So if you are interested call me or send me a text message to my mobile. You also can email me requesting further details. When you contact me, I will disclose the amount I need in hand + the installment rate you need to pay to continue with the lease.

My Contact Details
Mobile Number : 077-7487480
Email Address :

Here are some basic details of the car.

Make and Model :
Nissan March K11 (1000 CC)

Year of Manufacture :
2000 (Cup Holder Model)

Vehicle Number Series :

Transmission :

Mileage :
54000 KMs

Average Fuel Consumption :
8-9 KMs/ltr within Colombo
11-12 KMs/ltr Outstations

Features :
14″ Alloys, New Tires, A/C, Power Steering, Power Shutters, Retractable Mirrors, Central Locking, ABS, Dual Air Bag, CD Player, 3-Way Rear Speakers, Remote Key, Rear Wiper

Update 2010-03-23 : Well after giving it a long thought I gave up the idea of selling it since my love towards this car doesn’t allow me to do so. I got a lot of calls but most of them wanted to buy it for cash which I wasn’t willing to. If you are still interested drop me an email or a text. Will respond u back if I change my mind..

Update 2010-12-06 : This car has been sold..

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Posted on 16th February 2010 16:00:12