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Web Developer. PHP Addict. Wordpress Hacker. FOSS Enthusiast. (Micro)Blogger. Photo Hobbyist. Cricket Fanatic. Husband. Dad.

Lately I have been doing some changes on my blog here and there when I get some time off. U might have spotted the layout change :D[BigGrin]. Couple of my friends who are top rated as Graphic Designers were keen on desiging and giving me a cool layout though I designed one to keep it really simple.

I have a section called My Scripts where I have added all the stuff I have done in the recent past. I did have few listed earlier though I didn't have any description about them. So I have added them now. I also added a sub section called PHP Custom Functions under My Scripts which I will be adding those tiny functions I have written for certain tasks. I will try to add as much as I can during the time off I get.

Posted on 29th August 2005 18:58:33