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Finally I made a move to a new Nokia N70 Music Edition after using the Nokia 6230i for almost 2 years. You will get a better idea if you read the blog post I wrote when I bought the Nokia 6230i. My plan was to go for an iPhone but due to a tight budget I settled down with a Nokia N70 ME. I'm not that much of a music listener but I went for the Music Edition coz of the color. I love gadgets when they are black. Looks really sexy :D[BigGrin]

I didn't have 3G enabled on my connection so I got it enabled from Dialog. When I initially added the settings for GPRS, WAP and MMS there were few issues so I had a chat online with the Dialog customer service and they sent the configuration settings via SMS. After setting them up everything worked smoothly. At home and at office I'm within the 3G network. So relatively have a good connection speed. I setup Dialog TV as well which again I got the settings from Dialog via SMS. It streams very well without breaking up.

I'm really impressed with this new phone coz it has some nice little features that I have been missing all this while. So don't forget to make a video call when you call me next time [Wink]

Posted on 3rd January 2008 11:54:56