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If you are a Twitter fan, by now you would know that most of the news sites use the Twitter service very effectively to let the people who follow them on Twitter get the news very fast. I personally follow Slashdot, Reuters, DIGG's Tech News and Google News on Twitter and receive IM updates when a news is posted. Of course at times it can be bit irritative but I prefer being up-to-date. Twitter has options of setting the way you want to receive updates so it can be customized at any time. This is a list of news sites that use the Twitter service to update their news.

If you are a developer and want to get the advantage of notifying your viewers if you are running a news site, an articles site, job posting website or a blog, Twitter will be the ideal choice. Check the Twitter API which you can use to communicate between Twitter and your application.

Here is a simple tutorial on sending updates to Twitter from PHP Script using the Twitter API. I tested it and works like charm [Wink]

Posted on 7th March 2008 09:01:36