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Apache port 80 conflict with Skype

I’m not sure how many of you have come across this issue but yesterday was the first time I experienced it. I was installing Apache Web Server on a M$ windows developer machine and after completing the installation the Apache Service didn’t start stating the following error.

make_sock could not bind to address no listening sockets available

I kept wondering for a moment what could be running on port 80 coz the machine was newly setup and it didn’t have IIS or any other web server. It quickly struck my mind that once a friend of mine told me about Skype causing a conflict when he installed Apache. On this machine Skype was running already and I was logged in on Skype as well. So first thing I did was to exit Skype and started Apache. Now the Apache service started without any issues. With a little bit of research I found out that Skype was the culprit in this case because Skype uses port 80 as an alternative port for communication. Now since Apache Web Server is running, I started Skype and logged in and it was working smoothly as well. So starting Skype after Apache is started will solve the issue in one way as Skype will use a different port. But the better solution is to disable the Skype option of using port 80 as an alternative. On Skype you can do this by

 - Goto Tools -> Options -> Connection
 - [Untick] Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections
 - Click Save and restart Skype to apply the changes.

Without changing this behavior in Skype, we can do the other way around as well. In httpd.conf file for Apache we can set the “listen” port to 8080 (as an alternative port) which will solve the issue but I preferred to use port 80 itself for Apache. But its just me. You have two solutions in hand and the choice is yours [Wink]

Posted 10 years ago

RMS in Sri Lanka

Richard M. Stallman, the Founder of the Free Software Foundation and the one who launched the GNU Project is in Sri Lanka and there are few events happening where he will be talking on 'Free Software in Ethics and in Practice'. So don't miss out.

More Info :

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Top 10 Google Products You Forgot All About

LifeHacker has a nice article on 'Top 10 Google Products You Forgot All About' which reminds us some of the Google Products that we are less familiar with. Even some we haven't heard about it at all. I first came across 'Flight Simulator in Google Earth' and 'Google SketchUp' after reading this article. This list is just the Top10, so there are still some interesting products that we have missed out..

The author of the article says:

This was a tough list to winnow down, as Google's full product list is long and prodigious. In fact, we're still having regrets about leaving Patent Search, Google Moon, and Google Mars off the list. Update: I'm particularly regretful about not including Grand Central or Google SMS, too.

Posted 10 years ago

Matt Prior dropped from the England squad

England have dropped Wicket Keeper Matt Prior for the series in New Zealand despite his good form with the bat during the Sri Lankan tour. Matt Prior batted exceptionally well during the tour but few spilled chances behind the stumps has caused him to lose his spot in the England team. Warwickshire wicket keeper Tim Ambrose has been added to the squad along with Phil Mustard who was the wicket keeper during the England vs Sri Lanka One-day series which was won by England 3-2.

Andrew Strauss has been called into the side after missing the Sri Lankan tour. He is really an elegant batsman but was earlier dropped from the England Test team due to lack of form. His inclusion to the side will add bit more experience to the side. In New Zealand, Strauss will open the batting with Alistair Cook who was the only batsman to score a century for England during the Sri Lankan tour. Michael Vaughan will bat at No.3 and Ian Bell drops in to No.6. I personally like Ian Bell bat above the order but there is not much options I guess.

Ravi Bopara too loses his Test spot after a poor start to his Test Career in Sri Lanka but has been included in the One-day squad.

England's one-day squad to tour New Zealand:

P, Collingwood (Durham, capt), T Ambrose (Warks), J Anderson (Lancs), I Bell (Warks), R Bopara (Essex), S Broad (Notts), A Cook (Essex), D Mascarenhas (Hants), P Mustard (Durham), K Pietersen (Hants), O Shah (Middx), R Sidebottom (Notts), G Swann (Notts), J Tredwell (Kent), C Tremlett (Hants), L Wright (Sussex).

England's Test squad to tour New Zealand:

M Vaughan (Yorks, capt), T Ambrose (Warks), J Anderson (Lancs), I Bell (Warks), S Broad (Notts), P Collingwood (Durham), A Cook (Essex), S Harmison (Durham), M Hoggard (Yorks), P Mustard (Durham), M Panesar (Northants), K Pietersen (Hants), O Shah (Middx), R Sidebottom (Notts), A Strauss (Middx), G Swann (Notts).

Posted 10 years ago

My new Nokia N70 ME

Finally I made a move to a new Nokia N70 Music Edition after using the Nokia 6230i for almost 2 years. You will get a better idea if you read the blog post I wrote when I bought the Nokia 6230i. My plan was to go for an iPhone but due to a tight budget I settled down with a Nokia N70 ME. I'm not that much of a music listener but I went for the Music Edition coz of the color. I love gadgets when they are black. Looks really sexy :D[BigGrin]

I didn't have 3G enabled on my connection so I got it enabled from Dialog. When I initially added the settings for GPRS, WAP and MMS there were few issues so I had a chat online with the Dialog customer service and they sent the configuration settings via SMS. After setting them up everything worked smoothly. At home and at office I'm within the 3G network. So relatively have a good connection speed. I setup Dialog TV as well which again I got the settings from Dialog via SMS. It streams very well without breaking up.

I'm really impressed with this new phone coz it has some nice little features that I have been missing all this while. So don't forget to make a video call when you call me next time [Wink]

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Sunday at SSC and a controversial KP dismissal

When England were here for the ODI series in October I was really keen to go and see a match but due to fasting and few other issues I didn't get an opportunity. When England came down again for the Test Matches I really wanted to get out there. 1st Test was played in Kandy so couldn't make it and finally I got an opportunity yesterday to watch the 1st day's play of the 2nd Test Match which was played at SSC grounds. There was a good crowd and most of them being England's Barmy Army. There were few local crowd as well.

England were batting first so I got the opportunity to watch some stunning cover drives and pull shots played by Micheal Vaughan who was brilliant in the morning session. I love watching the batting of Michale Vaughan, Ian Bell and Kevin Pietersen specially when they are in full flow. Ian Bell was building his innings slowly but got out to a stunning catch by Jehan Mubarak who previously took a catch between his legs to dismiss Michael Vaughan. Finally when Kevin Pietersen walked into the pitch I was more keen on the match. He looked pretty solid driving the ball but on the fifth ball he faced, he went for the drive and edged one on to the second slip. The ball died on Chamara Silva but he got his fingers down and flicked the ball back to the first slip where Kumar Sangakkara took it very low but cleanly. It was a stunning effort and the Lankans were celebrating but KP stood his grounds. The umpires got across and had a chat for a while and umpire Daryl Harper ruled KP out with the aid of the square leg umpire Aleem Dar. KP walked but saw the replay in the big screen where the ball seemed to be touching the ground when Chamara Silva flicked the ball. Walking KP stopped and asked the question from the umpire whether he is out. But Daryl Harper raised the finger again and pointed to KP that he has been given out and the decision cannot be reversed. Here is the video of the controversial KP dismissal.

IMO the umpires should have referred to the third umpire where a better result could have been made with the aid of the technology which is permitted. But the umpires have the right to call for it and end of the day nothing could be said against them. There should be some common sense as well in these situations. My bad luck I couldn't watch KP bat in the end. That is what hurting me. Will I get another chance? Hopefully if I can make it to the grounds when England bat in the second innings but its highly unlikely coz of work. Next Test is in Galle. Thats more unlikely.

Quick update of the match : Matt Prior on 60 seems to be leading the fightback as England are 327 for 7 at Lunch on the second day. Ryan Sidebottom offering great support to Matt prior is on 13.

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What am I doing?

Most of you will already know what Twitter is but for starters its a service that asks you the question "What are you doing?" and we simply have to send our updates via Instant Messaging, Email or even by SMS. Its a micro-blogging service coz the updates cannot exceed 140 characters. So it has to be very short and sweet. The service has been around for sometime but I got kinda addicted to it almost a month back when I saw Bud updating his Twitter using his iPod Touch at the MySQL South East Asia Roadshow 2007. I like this micro-blogging idea even though I have a blog coz I can send in little tweets when I don't want to write a big post about day to day activities. You can follow someone on Twitter so that you can receive updates about this person via the Twitter website, Instant Messaging, Email, RSS or SMS. All these can be configured quite easily. I mainly use GoogleTalk Instant Messaging and SMS for sending updates. SMS updates can be really handy when I'm on the move.

Now I have added a Twitter widget on my blog. It will show you my latest Twitter updates. So you can keep in track of what I'm up to :D[BigGrin]. The HTML/Javascript widget can easily be customized with CSS and thanks a lot to Asanga, my design buddy for sharing his extensive knowledge in CSS which helped me to get it nicely placed on my blog. Also I have added the Twitter Application on Facebook. So that it shows my latest Twitter update. Adding more to that you can let the Twitter Application update your Facebook status. This way I only have to update Twitter which will update my Facebook status as well. There is another Facebook Application called TwitterSync which is only designed to update the Facebook status. So there are enough options available.

If you need more info about Twitter read this The Big Juicy Twitter Guide

Follow me on Twitter

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Restoring Large MySQL dumps

A lot of things influenced me to write this post. In fact I wanted to write on this sometime back but finally I was able to squeeze some time. Lately I have been moving data between servers and the main problem I had was with large MySQL dumps because I have been using PHPMyAdmin for most of the MySQL operations and its one of the best tools available and most importantly its web-based. Even on my local development environment I'm comfortable with using PHPMyAdmin and on the web servers it can be very handy if the server is a shared hosting server. I would rather recommend using the command line client utilities that MySQL offers for import/export operations because its the safest. But you will need SSH access to your server. If you do have SSH access don't hesitate to choose this method above the others.


Using the mysqldump client it is possible to backup a database into a SQL file which will contain SQL statements that can recreate the database tables when restored.

The following command from shell can be executed to backup a specific database

mysqldump -u [username] -p [password] [databasename] > [backupfile.sql]

Click Here for more options on using mysqldump


You can use this command from shell to restore the database using the SQL dump file

mysql -u [username] -p [password] [databasename] < [backupfile.sql]

So thats quite basic and safest ways to import/export. But then you might ask whats the options you have if you are on a shared server and do not have SSH access. Well then PHPMyAdmin is the only choice available coz its web-based. Most servers have PHPMyAdmin as an option in the Server's Control Panel. Worst case if you don't have it or cannot find it you simply can download the source from and upload the files via FTP and set it up. Installation is quite simple if you follow the Documentation.txt file. Once it is setup you can create databases etc. When you have selected a database from the left panel there will be tabs called SQL and Export. Using the SQL tab you can restore the database using your SQL dump file. Similarly you can use the Export option to export the data to a SQL file.

But then again you come across problems when you have a large MySQL dump. Exporting a large database won't be a problem but there are times that the SQL dump file tends to get corrupted for various reasons. Importing a large SQL dump file would create a problems coz with default installations there is a 2MB upload limit. This is not a PHPMyAdmin limit. This limit is set in the PHP configuration. To increase this upload limit you have to change the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize directives in the php.ini and then you can restore a large SQL dump. But if you are on a shared hosting server its highly unlikely that you can change the directives in the php.ini file. So thats where most people get stuck. When you are moving from your local machine to the server this is one problem you will face. Similar problem I faced when I had to move a large database from a server that I could SSH to a shared hosting server. I dumped the database to a SQL file using mysqldump command line utility and then when I tried to restore using PHPMyAdmin there was this upload limit. Arghh.. At that time I simply split the file manually into smaller files which are less than 2MB and uploaded one by one. It came to about 7 files at that time so didn't really bother about splitting them manually. This is a dirty trick but still effective but I won't suggest you to use this method. At a later time when I came across a similar instance I planned to write a tiny PHP script that would do the job. But thankfully I got a new server that I could SSH into.

So things can get bit messy at these situations so gotta figure out ways to overcome those with the limited resources we have. Lately I found BigDump: Staggered MySQL Dump Importer which seems to do the job on the web servers with hard runtime limit. So I guess I have more choices now. I haven't tried out this yet. Hopefully can play around with this next time when I have tight limits.

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Sri Lankans win Hongkong Sixes

A few exciting moments have gone passed since I last blogged about Cricket. England won the ODI series 3-2 against Sri Lanka when they toured here last month. It was a great achievement by the England team led by Paul Collingwood as it was the first series win for them in the subcontinent after 20 years. Then there was the ODI series against Australia and India which was played in India. Australia successfully won the series 4-2. Well these were the series that caught my attention in the recent times but I was unaware of the Hongkong Sixes till yesterday evening. I missed to watch the matches played yesterday but woke up some what early today to make sure not to miss any action as the matches started at 06:00 Sri Lankan time.

I really enjoyed watching the big hitting which is quite usual on a six a side game. It all came to the thrilling Final which was played against the All Stars team and Sri Lanka. All Stars team included big names like Brian Lara, Shane Warne, Glenn Mc Grath, Heath Streak, Brian McMillan and Anil Kumble. England's Geraint Jones was the substitute player for All Stars. Sri Lankan sixes team didn't include big names as the Sri Lankan Test squad has toured Australia. Some players I knew were Indika De Seram, Kaushalya Weeraratne and Saman jayantha. Sorry for not getting the names of the rest. Sri Lanka got to a huge total in their alloted 5 0vers. Indika De Seram top scored in the Sri Lankan innings. In reply the All Stars got close but not close enough to beat Sri Lanka as Sri Lanka won the match quite comfortably at the end. Sri Lanka were unbeaten the whole tournament and was the only team to challenge the All Stars who looked the team that would grab the Championship. It was worth watching and my special thanks goes to Derana TV for telecasting the match LIVE.

One thing I enjoyed the most was to see the performance of Geraint Jones. He was England's wicket keeper for sometime specially when England beat the Aussies in the Ashes 2005. But due to some lack of form he was dropped from the England team. Jones was included in the Hongkong Sixes All Stars team as Virender Shewag didn't make it. Jones remained as a substitute until McGrath got injured and he got the opportunity to play in the Semi Finals and also the Final game. He was not keeping wickets as Brian Lara was doing the keeping job, I guess because Lara couldn't bowl much. I should say I was stunned to see his bowling and fielding. He grabbed wickets took some stunning catches and made most of it when he batted as well. Sri Lanka was in a spot of bother when Jones kept on smacking sixes. It was really beautiful to watch this guy bat. Personally I felt why he didn't play to the England Sixes team. :D[BigGrin]

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India the first Twenty20 World Champions

What a match it was. It did go down to the wire. But in the end it was India who made their way through to win the first Twenty20 World Cup. The Pakistanis were off to a good start chasing 157 but the run out of Imran Nazir slowed down the proceedings. Lot of singles came in the middle of the Pakistani innings but still wickets kept falling due to some bad shot selection by the middle order. Misbah Ul Haq and Sohail Tanwir hit some big sixes to narrow down the target. With the last wicket remaining Pakistan Required 13 to win off the last over. First ball was a wide and Misbah then hit a six straight down the ground off the second ball. With six needed off the last four balls Misbah tried to loft the ball over the keepers head ended up caught and that was it. Pakistan deserved a win after their consistent run over this World Cup but lost it at the last moment. India on the other hand played some good cricket to bag the World Cup.

I really enjoyed watching the Twenty20 World Cup specially being a supporter of Test Cricket and an English fan. I hope more Twenty20 games will be played in the future. England are almost here in Sri Lanka. So lot of Cricket ahead. Will keep u posted with the updates.

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