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Freefall – Behind the scenes

Last year during my short visit to the down South of Sri Lanka, I took a photo of a random guy jumping off a cliff near the Galle Fort. I submitted this photo to Mashable’s “10 Risky Photos That Will Inspire and Terrify You” and it was short listed in “Our 15 Favorite Photos of the 2012 Mashable Photo Challenge“. Getting featured on was truly motivating for what I do as a hobby in my spare time. While I was browsing through some of my old backups I found a series of photos I haven’t selected to upload which tells more about the story behind this shot and ended up compiling this blog post. Read More >>

Posted 4 years ago

It’s the time of the month you get Refreshed!

The November Meetup of Refresh Colombo is happening tomorrow at 5.30pm. I have been out of Refresh during the last couple of months, but back at it again. I can’t seem to get out of it. If you are into Information Technology and New Media, Refresh Colombo is where you meet like minded individuals to exchange ideas and knowledge.

Topics listed for tomorrow are pretty interesting. You can check out the event page for the topics.  Wela, Lee and Shehan are presenting on their expert areas.

If you are new to Refresh, we have been organizing the meetup since 2010 throughout, every month. Recorded videos of the previous talks are available on our YouTube channel. It’s free and open to everyone. We encourage you to bring along a friend or two, you can even bring your grandma. Don’t miss it. Looking forward to meet you all.

Life before and after a DSLR

My interest in photography dates back to 2006 when I first got my camera phone, a Nokia 6230i. My first compact digital camera was a Sony Cybershot W55 which I used for a good 4-5 years and with that fame I moved onto a Sony Cybershot W380. Yes, they say its not about the camera. But at some point you will realize even though you have a handful of automatic features with cool names associated with it, you need much more control.

I was desperate for a DSLR. But they aren’t cheap. Until recently where the costs have come down by a fair bit with manufacturers introducing entry level DSLRs. I finally fulfilled my 5 year old dream by buying a Canon EOS 550D, a camera that fit my needs and my budget. Why Canon, I don’t know. Why not Nikon. I really don’t know. Read More >>

Posted 5 years ago

Twenty Twelve

My blog is like 8 years old and in the recent past I have been updating WordPress more often than writing blog posts. Twitter is where most of the updates go. There are few posts left under Drafts which I have failed to complete.

Today, my blog gets a new theme, the all new Twenty Twelve released by WordPress which is a fully Responsive theme which should work across all types of screens including Smart Phones & Tabs.

There are so many hits I’m getting to the older posts I have written related to technology. There are posts which I still refer when I encounter an issue. Unless I get my act together and start documenting what I face now, I won’t have anything to refer in the future.

As always hoping to keep it alive!

Posted 5 years ago

WordPress for Android

Nothing much to say, but inspired by Himal‘s blogging from phone business, I just installed the official WordPress application for Android which is really cool.

Hopefully this will improve the rate of my blogging. Really hopeful..

Posted from WordPress for Android

Posted 6 years ago

Refresh Colombo October Meetup 2011

The October Meetup of Refresh Colombo will be happening this Thursday, 20th October 2011 at the Royal College Union Skills Centre. We have lined up a set of very interesting topics for this month as well. A lot has happened in the Tech industry since our last meetup and to sum it up all, we will have Bud and Chanux on board to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, one of the greatest visionaries of recent times. They hope to talk about some of the great ideas and insights Steve Jobs had and how some of those ideas have transformed our lives. Bud who needs no introduction, is probably the best person to share his valuable experiences with Steve Job’s inventions.


Posted 6 years ago

Finally I have moved to Android

The day I decided to make a move towards an Android based device is so significant because the world was in tears for the loss of Steve Jobs. Though the events don’t co-relate, it took me a very long time to give up on my long lasting love towards Nokia / Symbian. I was disheartened to hear the news that Nokia would ship with Windows. Being a Nokia device fanatic, I expected that Nokia would ship with Android some day. When it was not the case, I had to make the move.


Posted 6 years ago

What’s up with October 1st?

If you didn’t notice or really didn’t care, October 1st 2011, tomorrow, seems to be a day that has been marked to bring quite a few changes in to effect. At least the changes that I have some interest over..

  • Facebook announced to it’s developers that starting from October 1st, all apps must migrate to OAuth 2.0 for authentication and obtain a SSL certificate for use. Or else the apps would get disabled. Read more detailed explanation in the Facebook Developer Roadmap.
  • Now this applies to Sri Lanka only. I got this SMS from Ada Derana today morning which has been the buzz for sometime. “Fastening of seat belts in front seats of all cars & dual purpose vehicles with English number plates is compulsory from tomorrow”. It’s a good move to make it compulsory, but I doubt for how long this will be enforced.
  • Now into Cricket. As has always been the practice, changes to the playing conditions for Tests, One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) take effect from Saturday 1 October, the ICC has confirmed. Read More..

So what’s the deal with October 1st. Any other changes I might have missed?

Posted 6 years ago

How to make content visible only to users who Like the FB page

A Facebook Page is a vital part of Social Media Marketing. One of the key features in a Facebook Page is the ability to add a custom Tab. Page owners can use a custom Tab to provide valuable information. On these Tabs, most of them provide content/information only to the users who have Liked their page. If this strategy is used effectively, the fan base of the Page will grow significantly. My primary focus is how we could technically provide the content based on the fact whether the user has Liked the page or not.


Posted 6 years ago

July Meetup of Refresh Colombo

In just over a year, Refresh Colombo has gained popularity among the tech community in Colombo. As I keep saying it every time, the meetups keep getting better and better. The topics for this month’s meetup have been finalized and according to the FB event page, we will have 70+ attending the event. The plans have been made to shift to a bigger room to accommodate the crowd, so don’t miss out. It’s going to be an exciting meetup.. See you at Refresh Colombo July Meetup!


Posted 6 years ago

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