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Today I dragged my collegue Rehan AKA IceBerg to New Malar Cafe in Town Hall for lunch. Seriously no one has to teach Rehan to eat. But I felt that he was curious why I took him there for Lunch. Saturday is normally a day off for us but we dropped by at office to complete a small mission. Town Hall is not a place normally we would hit for lunch but I have eaten occasionally at Hotel Rahumanya which is next to NMC. Why did I want to eat at a place where I haven't eaten before? I said Rehan that it all relies in a URL and he was like [eek]

I was so curious to tryout the Paper Thosai 0.91 rc1 which Mahangu had a go at it and was kind enough to post it on his blog. That post really made me salivate. Infact I opted for the Paper Masala Thosai which is one of the great dishes of its kind considering the rest of the eateries in Colombo. The Ulundu Vadai too was by far the best. Big thanks to Mahangu. So by now Rehan would have got the URL of the referer :)[Smile]. For South Indian food I used to visit Hotel Abhirami in Bamba (next to ABS) which serves some great dishes but now I guess NMC is top in my list. Infact I visited the North Indian Spot (upstairs of NMC) For take away once which Mahangu mentioned in his post. I took Naan that day and it was OK…

But my favourite spot is Raheemas(infront of Thurstan), where Charith and myself used to hit very often. I have my lunch atleast 3-4 times a week there. But Charith and myself visit for a pre-dinner meal between 18:00-19:00. Parata is by far the best and I also don't miss out on the egg hoppers.

Its amazing how these blogs impact in our day to day lives. Infact I wonder how many will visit these eateries after reading these posts. On the other hand these eateries get free promotion. So much to offer them for their great dishes. BTW is there any way to track these visitors? Just to keep in track..

Posted on 6th May 2006 16:01:26