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The October Meetup of Refresh Colombo will be happening this Thursday, 20th October 2011 at the Royal College Union Skills Centre. We have lined up a set of very interesting topics for this month as well. A lot has happened in the Tech industry since our last meetup and to sum it up all, we will have Bud and Chanux on board to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, one of the greatest visionaries of recent times. They hope to talk about some of the great ideas and insights Steve Jobs had and how some of those ideas have transformed our lives. Bud who needs no introduction, is probably the best person to share his valuable experiences with Steve Job’s inventions.

Ima Hassen will be sharing his experiences of success, failure and lessons learnt while being an Entrepreneur. If you are an Entrepreneur or striving to be one, this talk is not to be missed. I’m quite honoured that Ima could finally do a talk at Refresh Colombo as I have been requesting him for a long time now.

Adnan Issadeen will debut a new segment where Developers and Entrepreneurs get a chance to showcase their latest work each month at Refresh Colombo. He will be showcasing his “Multiple Authorship Detection Automation (MADA)” project he has been working on.

More details can be found here.

The whole idea of Refresh Colombo is to share knowledge and experience amongst the tech enthusiasts living around Colombo. Make sure you drop in on Thursday at 5.30pm and gain the maximum out of it. We’ll try to introduce ourselves during the meetup so that everyone gets to know each other. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Posted on 18th October 2011 14:31:13